If the word chance exists, its meaning is in effect the same as that of the word order. It can be demonstrated that chance
obeys a certain order, that is the order of order, that order is due to chance, that this is so by chance, etc... .
'Automatic' writing naïvely encourages this banal pretension to devise a methodical way of  'forcing thought to speak'-
as if thought were a machine, as if the interesting quality in writing or painting weren’t always unpredictable.

Letter from René Magritte to André Bosmans, January 13, 1959

The theories about progress and the 'genius which always pierces through', arise from the fact that it is intolerable to suppose that
what is most precious in the world should be given over to chance. It is because it is intolerable that it ought to be contemplated.
Creation is this very thing. [...]

Simone Weil on chance in Gravity and Grace, 1947

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