'There is no such thing as repetition. Only insistence.' (Gertrude Stein)

'Schönberg said that everything is repetition - even variation. On the other hand we can say that repetition doesn't exist, that two leaves
of the same plant are not repetitions of each other, but are unique. Or two bricks on the building across the streets are different. And when
we examine them closely, we see that they are indeed different in some respect, if only in the respect how they receive light, because they
are at different points in space. In other words, repetition really has to do with how we think. And we can't think either that things are
being repeated, or that they are not being repeated. If we think that things are being repeated, it is generally because we don't pay attention
to all of the details. But if we pay attention as though we were looking through a microscope to all of the details, we see that there is no
such thing as repetition.' (John Cage, interview with Birger Ollrogge, 1985)

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