Sources and references

'Anything on the Internet is a fragment, provisional, pointing elsewhere. Nothing is finished. What a time you chose to be born!'*

The index below is an occassionaly updated, consistently outdated, forever incomplete and ever-changing inventory of sources and references to my practice.
Ideally over time it would make itself usefull as an easy accessible archive for personal use, though open to those interested. You will find links to songs, text fragments,
articles, essays, wikipedia entries as well as simply Google search results of some key words.

According to Klee the artist should create like nature

And I will reproduce faster

Angelus Novus
Angry world
Are we down for the same cause?
Around the world
Art of Life of Art

Being detached and impersonal is related to freedom

Between thought and expression lies a lifetime
Better this than a speech about responsibility and powerlessness
Black Square
Bodies of Society

Chance operations
Change is the season
Check the dictionary for the meaning of 'friend'
Copying: A Primer

Do your thing
Don't look back, that's not where you're going
Dreamers we should be asleep in bed

Everybody wants to be an artist
Ecstasy of Influence, The

Factum I and Factum II

Get closer to be far away
Go folks, go forth, trust your brain, trust your body
Grid, The

He who sings is not always happy
Het begint als kind
Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black)
How to Look Out

I am sitting in a room
I passed out on the 14th floor
I walk the purple carpet into your eye
If I have cynically learned to expect nothing, is everything unexpected?
If you read, you’ll judge
Image duplicator
In the Studio
Inner Light, The
Inside Out
Intimacy or integrity

Krazy Kat

Laws, regulations...
Le monde est à vous, le monde est à nous
Learn to do something properly, not everything is instantaneous
Learn to say no
Living together
Living with ghosts
Lonely, The

Max Ernst's father
Meine bilder sind klüger als ich
Mr. Beerbelly in a Cartoon Graveyard
My dream is ...

My mind is shaking

Not much is thrown away because there really is no place to throw it

O Let It Be

Palm at the end of the mind, The
Paper bags

Passenger, The
Picasso (see In the Studio)
Possibly Maybe
Pre Language

Range Anxiety

Salute your sources
Schizophrenia is taking me home
Security patterns (Envelopes)
Self, The
Sensation of its own realization, The
Setting a good corner
Slechte gedachten...
Social Sculpture
Someone said all human emotion is an idea

Talking with the taxman about poetry
The only rule is work
This is my painting if I paint it. This is your painting if you paint it.

The word giraffe does not have a long neck
These Days

This is how we walk on the moon
Today (Ah Yom)
Too young to fall asleep, too cynical to speak


Water copy
We are image-makers and image-ridden
We could be looking for the same thing
We must become the pitiless censors of ourselves

You can never be too subtle and you can never be too simple
You hear a joke about yourself and you join in the laughter

Zelden heeft de sprong van een panter

Last updated: july 2019